Yale 5120 Series Standard Duty Cylindrical Knobset

5120 series is the economic choice for standard residential purpose. Recomended for use on internal doors.

Knob Style Model No. Function Finish 
BR 512 1 Passage or Closet

2 Privacy, Bedroom, or Bathroom

Storeroom or Clsoet

 US3 Polished Brass
CA  US5 Antique Brass
CN  US11 Antique Copper
OV  US15 Satin Nickel
MY  US32D Satin Stainless Steel


Dimension  385 x 300 x 430mm
Backset 60mm or 70mm
Door thickness 35-45mm
Material for strike plate and face plate US32D, US3, US5, US11-steel
Material for knob and rose US32D-SS, US3, US5, US11-brass
Nickel plated brass key 3 pcs
Material for cylinder plug Zinc alloy
Material for cylinder housing Zinc alloy
Rose diameter 65mm
No of Pin 5
Strike plate T shape