YDG413 Smart Digital Lock for Glass (Rim Lock)

Features & Benefits

Various access
Yale YDG 413 has two access solutions, RF card or touch key pad for your convenience. 
Magic Mirror
A Magic Mirror function is applied, which the keypad number appears on the mirror as soon as a user touches the product. The user can check the rear through the Magic Mirror, so that security can be enhanced. 
Safe Thumb-Turn
Only if a user pushes the two safe button simultaneously affixed to the thumb-turn knob, the user can turn the thrum-turn knob.  
Clip Type Bracket (Can be installed on Glass Doors of 9-13mm thickness)
The installation convenience is improved by the clip type bracket with a very strong double-side tape. 
Modern and Thin Design
It is the solid and thin design using digital keypad on solid base. 
High Temperature Alarm
When there’s fire, it detects the temperature of the inside. It not only goes off an alarm but also releases the lock status automatically. 
Fake PIN Code
To prevent the PIN code from being exposed, it allows you to enter Fake numbers before or after entering your PIN Code. 
Remove Control (Optional)
Remove control type is also available. Wireless floating ID technology is adopted and works up 50 m. 

Product Specifications
PIN code 4 - 12 digits
Color Mirror Finish
Front body dimension 36(D) x 72(W) x 185(H) mm
Back body dimension 13(D) x 66(W) x 179(H) mm