Yale YDR50GA Smart Gate Lock

Main Feature:

    Pin Code
    RFID Key Tag
    Mechanical Key Override

 Yale Access App

Additional Features:
  Always in the know
The activity feed in Yale Access App tracks how and when your door is locked and unlocked.

  Control who has access
Let visitors in and out when you are not at home.

  Keep your home secure
Check if your door is locked from anywhere.

  Monitor access from anywhere
Always know who is coming and when.

  • Voice Guide
  • Automatic Locking
  • Alarm (break-in / damage)
  • Anti-panic Egress
  • Fake PIN Code
  • Low Battery and Emergency Power
  • Remote Control (Optional)
Product Specifications

Model: YDR50GA
Color: Black 
Locking Type: Gate Lock
Backset: 50mm / 60mm
Door Thickness: 25 - 30mm
Battery: Alkaline (AA x 4)

Product Dimension:

  • Size (Front): 63.5(W) x 176(H) x 28(D) mm
  • Size (Back): 77(W) x 220(H) x 40(D) mm

 Access Credential:

  • PIN Code: Available 
  • RFID Key Tag: Available 
  • Fingerprints: Available 
  • Mechanical Key Override: Available 
  • Bluetooth: Available 
  • WiFi Connection: Available
  • Remote Control: Available

Maximum no. of Users:

  • Mechanical Keys: 3 Keys
  • PIN Code: Up to 100
  • RFID Key Tag: Up to 100 
  • Fingerprints: Up to 100 
  • One Time Code: Only 1
  • Remote Control: 1 pc included