Yale Link App

Features & Benefits

◆ Yale Link

‘Yale Link’ service is an innovative solution provided by YALE. Using high-tech IoT technology, you can access and unlock the digital doorlock with your smartphone.

◆ Easy Configuration
No need for a manual anymore. Assign your phone master authority after pairing it with a Yale Link digital doorlock. You can easily change the digital doorlock configurations such as password and volume control using your smartphone.

◆ Audit Trail
You can also monitor activities through your smartphone. Find out who unlocked the lock and when by using Yale Link service. Alarm reports such as intruder alert can also be monitored by our service.

◆ How to use
Install the app and pair it with your digital doorlock. Specific instructions can be found in the app. Yale Link service is only usable in digital doorlocks operated by Yale Link OS. If ‘Yale Link’ is written in the battery cover of your digital doorlock, it is Yale Link capable. You need to buy and install Yale Link Bluetooth Pack in order to use the service.

※ Requirements
■ Mobile devices (smart phone) should be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
■ Requires Android version 5.0 or higher version / above HD quality
■ If using incompatible device, it may not operate fluently.
■ Yale Link Bluetooth pack is required (optional)
Product Specifications
Models that can be use for Yale Access:
  • YDM4109+
  • YDM4109LR+
  • YDM7116+
  • YDM3109+
  • YDM4115+
  • YMI70
  • YDR30G
  • YDR41
  • YDR50G
  • YDR4110+
  • YDD424+
  • YDG413
  • YMF30+
  • YMF40+
  • YMF40+ RL

Download Yale Access App here: