Journal Supported Door Hinge (for doors)

Used on external doors for high-usage situations and gives maximum endurance with minimum maintenance requirements.


A metal plate or box which is pierced or recessed to receive the bolt or latch when projected


A BSI Kitemark is a trusted mark/symbol of product quality recognized by consumers and specifiers. Kitemarked products have passed a rigorous certification process and can be repeatedly manufactured and supplied to the same standard and purpose for which they were designed.

In addition to this, the products and quality management systems of Kitemark licensees are audited periodically to maintain product quality under ISO 9001: 2000

Laminated Glass

A type of “safety glass” much stronger than float glass, made up of two layers of glass bonded together with a tough plastic film.


Most mortice sashlocks have an easily reversible latchbolt for securing the door so that it can still be operated by handle from either side.


Levers are used in some mortice locks and padlocks.  The higher the number of levers a lock contains, the higher the level of security it offers.

Locking Point

The point where the multi-point lock enters the outer frame of the door, using either a hook or a rectangular shaped bar.