Smart Keypad FAQs

Cannot Connect to Lock" Error Message When Creating A Personal Entry Code

"Cannot Connect to Lock" Error Message When Creating A Personal Entry Code

Personal entry codes for your Yale Smart Keypad can be created, modified, and deleted from anywhere. Creating, modifying, and deleting entry codes remotely requires an Yale Connect or an Yale Doorbell Cam, and the most recent version of the Yale Home app.

Without an Yale Connect or Doorbell Cam, personal entry codes can only be created when you are connected to your Yale Smart Lock via bluetooth.

How Do I Send My Guests For Their Personal Entry Code?

How to use a personal entry code

Using Yale's Smart Keypad is easy! Once you set it up, you will follow the steps below to use your new Entry Code. If you have assigned Entry Codes to other guest, they will follow the same steps.

To find your Personal Entry Code

  1. Open up the Yale App
  2. Go to the lock you want to discover your Entry Code for
  3. Open the guest list
  4. Select your account

To use your Personal Entry Code

  1. Enter your personal entry code on the keypad
  2. Press the red Yale button
  3. The keypad light will pulse and then flash when the lock operation has been completed.
How to Disconnect a Smart Keypad

How to Disconnect a Smart Keypad

If you'd like to disconnect your Yale Smart Keypad from your Yale Smart Lock, please do the following:

Tap the gear in the icon bar and select Keypad Settings.

Select Disconnect Keypad (you may need to scroll down the list).

Select Disconnect

Your keypad will begin disconnecting from the lock      

Enter the reset code and press the Yale button to complete the disconnection process

Your keypad is no longer connected to your lock.


How to Temporarily Disable Your Smart Keypad

How to Temporarily Disable Your Smart Keypad

Select the Settings Gear Above the Lock Circle

 Select Keypad Settings

 Toggle the Keypad Enabled option to off while in Bluetooth range of the lock 

 Please note that One Touch Lock will also be disabled after you disable the lock. 

I Entered My Personal Entry Code, But It Did Not Unlock The Door

I entered my personal entry code but it did not unlock the door

After entering your personal entry code, you will need to press the red Yale button to finalize the command.

Make sure to enter the personal entry code correctly. If you continue to experience difficulty, contact the lock owner to confirm the personal entry code.

Is the Yale Smart Keypad weatherproof?

Is the Yale Smart Keypad weatherproof?

The Yale Smart Lock (all models) has been tested in all types of extreme weather cases, however, the current version of Yale is not designed to be weatherproof, and is not intended for outdoor use.

Environmental Specifications:

Operating Temperatures: 32-104F (0 to 40C)

Storage Temperatures: -4 to 158F (-20 to 70C)

Operating Humidity: 10 to 85% Non condensing

Storage Humidity: 5 to 90%

Setting Up Your Smart Keypad

Setting up your Smart Keypad

Before the installation begins, you may be prompted to update the firmware on your lock. 

Make sure the backlight is blinking before beginning the setup process.

In the top nav bar, select the 3 lines on the left then tap Set Up New Device


If you have more than one, choose a lock to associate your Smart Keypad with.

Select Start Setup and follow the onscreen instructions.

You'll see a series of screens as the app connects to your Smart Keypad and prepares it for use and your Keypad will download any new firmware updates. 

Select Continue

Congratulations! Your Smart Keypad is ready to use.

Smart Keypad Installation Guide

Smart Keypad Installation Guide

To print these instructions, you can download the PDF installation guide.

What's In The Box



What You’ll Need


Determine Your Drill Bit Size



1. Remove the keypad’s back panel.

Depress the tab on the back of the keypad to remove the back panel.

2. Mark holes in wall for drilling.

Use your level to position the back panel on the wall. Take your ballpoint pen or one of the included screws and poke it firmly through the center of each of the two rubber feet. Then mark the holes. Do not drill through the rubber feet.

3. Drill the holes.

Use the drill bit size and type indicated in the drill bit chart. Drill holes in the two spots you marked with your pen.


4. Add adhesive to the back of the keypad.


Peel off one side of the adhesive covering. Carefully place the adhesive on the rear side of the back panel. 

5. Attach back panel to the wall.

Firmly affix the back panel to the wall using the adhesive. Then take the two screws and screw them into the wall through the holes you created in the back panel.


6. Attach keypad to the back panel.


Remove the battery tab from the inside of the keypad. Hook the top of the keypad onto the top of the back panel, rocking it down to the bottom until you hear a click.


7. Set up Keypad with the Yale app.

In the Yale app, go to the lock settings screen, select “Add a Smart Keypad,” and follow the instructions.

Yale Smart Keypad FAQ

Yale Smart Keypad FAQ

How do I install the Smart Keypad?

The Smart Keypad can be self-installed in about 10 minutes. Simply follow instructions to connect it with your existing Yale Smart Lock. 

The Smart Keypad will attach to your wall outside your home using either 2 small screws or special adhesive.

Do I need any other Yale products in order to use the Smart Keypad?

You need to have an Yale Smart Lock or Yale Smart Lock HomeKit enabled installed and Yale app downloaded in order to use the Smart Keypad.

What new features does the Smart Keypad add to the Yale Smart Lock?

The Smart Keypad enables an easier point of entry for quick access that doesn’t require a smartphone. Entry Codes can be auto-generated for friends, family and trusted service providers.

To generate Entry Codes, you will need to be in bluetooth range of the lock.

How long does the battery last?

The Smart Keypad runs on two AAA batteries. Estimated battery life is 3 months.

Why is the Yale Smart Keypad better considering I need both the Smart Keypad and an Yale Smart Lock?

With the Yale Smart Keypad you can create unique codes for each individual, rather than one, maybe two codes for everyone who needs access. This ties your guest’s name to each entry so you can keep track of who comes and goes.

With the Smart Keypad you can have a 24/7 log of who entered and when (requires Yale Smart Lock HomeKit enabled and an Yale Connect). You can view this information from the Yale app for iOS and Android.